The Fireplace Will Always Be Around


Strolling into any home, if you don’t see a fireplace there is something they are seriously missing out on. There might be other things that come and go throughout our lives. However, the fireplace will certainly never be one of them.

Fireplace 04Having a fireplace in the house is something many people have in common. In nearly any family setting, you have ever seen; there is a fireplace in the backdrop. Sometimes, it’s the center of the household scene.

During the holiday season, we decorate our fireplace so that it belongs of the season too. We hang stockings on the fireplace for Christmas. We put the menorah on the fireplace throughout Hanukkah. Santa boils down the fireplace to provide gifts. We collect around the fireplace to open them and take pleasure in each other’s company. The fireplace has been with us during those unique moments.

But, it’s more than simply that. It’s the charming and romantic setting that has caused the starting of a lot of families. A little wine, some music, a little fire in the fireplace and kissing becomes a long-lasting commitment to the children who come along nine months later. For the majority of the moments during their little lives, we spend talking with them, reading to them and delighting in each other’s company right there by the fireplace.

As our kids grow up, we include the fireplace in many of the moments we share. We take pictures of them in their senior prom gowns and tuxedos, and the fireplace is in the picture. When they dress for their college graduation, we line them in front of the fireplace and capture that moment too. When they are making big decisions in their lives, we sit them down beside the fireplace and attempt to help them make those decisions. Where are they to go to college? What profession will be best for them? Who will they marry? And during all those conversations, the fireplace is constantly there right by our side helping us through those battles we call life.

It’s apparent why it’s constantly there for us during the best parts of our lives. The crackling in the Fireplace 03fireplace is warm and welcoming. It’s the relaxing background noise we require when we are checking out or trying to deal with something. You can sit and relax with a mug of coffee and gaze out the window on a day you have to reflect. The crackling of the fire helps your mind relax making that minute that far more pleasurable.

I have been in houses that have had a fireplace in every room. In General, it was always in the living room. Then, ideas started to grow to put fireplaces in the den and the basement. Now, it’s in the bedroom, a bathroom and outside on the patio area. Portable fireplaces can be taken to camping trips. With a fireplace insert and a bit of gel fuel, you can have a fireplace in the center of the room or wherever your creativity cuts loose.

There will never come a day when the fireplace ends up being outdated. I can not picture a world where they do not exist. Throughout the ages and for different designs, the fireplace just always seems to fit.