The Best Garden Tools For the Best Job


We have all heard the statement “The best tool for the best job”. You would not take a set of pruning shears to cut a big branch off a tree, or a chain saw to trim up roses.

It is advisable to use a pruning trimmer to trim up green leaf items like daffodils or a ratchet cutter for individuals without muscles in their hands and be sure to keep your garden gloves on.

Some use a pair of sharp fine nose pruning shears to trim up most everything in the yard. They are sharp, and you can trim everything from lettuce to Bonsai and other precise hand pruning activities. It is advisable to use stainless blades, and comfy polypropylene ribbed grips with a brass thumb lock.

Some individuals want to work in the yard but do not have the strength in their hands. This is where a cog pruning shears comes in. A light-weight yet long lasting hand shear, the ratchet cut hand shear quickly trims branches approximately 3/4″ in diameter. This kind of hand shears is perfect for accurately pruning of flowers including roses. All gardeners, from novice to professional, benefit greatly with this effective hand tool. The features should include a high carbon spring steel pruning blade, and be Teflon covered to withstand pruning residue buildup.

Garden gloves are crucial for the protection of your hands, not to mention the risk of infections andSaw 05 rashes. There are various kinds of gloves. Goatskin gloves are wonderful for weeding and pruning anything with thorns, like roses, and extremely easy to mold to your hands. Let us not forget goatskin gloves are cool and comfy. Water resistant gloves are perfect in the wet ground, they keep your hands dry and warm, however lose moisture. Gloves with tall cuffs keep the dirt and particles out. Another type of glove is a rubber palm grip that enables protection against wetness, abrasion, and are puncture resistant.

When using a garden folding saw, always use it with care. Experience will tell you that they are sharp and will cut.