Features To Look For In Water Softener Review


High levels of magnesium, calcium and iron make water hard. Such minerals can pose a nuisance, especially when washing linens or any other cleaning task. Soft water is not only good for cleaning but also for other health purposes. Water softening is done by adding sodium or any other chemical to hard water. A water softener is essential in solving hard water problems especially for people that live in regions with hard water. However, water softener market is filled with a vast array of options. There are four different types of water softeners on the market i.e. salt-free, dual tank water softener, salt-based ion exchanger, and magnetic water softener. When buying one, it is critical that a novice understands the features to look for in a water softener.

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The capacity of a water softener is an indispensable feature that any buyer must consider. Capacity goes with the family size. A water softener with a capacity of 60,000 gallons is ideal for a family of 6 or more people. A water softener with small capacity can cause inconveniences in a large family size.


The measurement of a water softener unit determines whether it will fit the available space in a home. The buyer must think of the available space and compare with the dimensions of the system before buying. Otherwise, installation can be a whole hassle. When considering size, ensure that it is not so small that it can compromise other functions such as bathing, drinking, washing, and plant watering among other functions. In most cases, people multiply the number of individuals in a family by 75 (the average gallon capacity) to determine the right size of water softener to buy.


It is vital to check for the regeneration cycles, the amount of water and salt used in recharging and the time takes for each cycle. Two different methods are used in controlling water softener systems i.e. timer controls and softener Demand-initiated regeneration controls.


asdcSCASASDsssNSF is an international testing organization that certifies and tests all water treatment and softening products. Water Quality Association is another body that certifies water treating equipment. When buying one, consider looking for WQA Gold Seal. A water softener that passes testing from these organizations is reliable and safe to use. It assures the buyer a trouble-free use.

Soft water is beneficial for use in a wide range of tasks at home. Buying a water softener is the best move in eliminating hard water problems. The above are the features to look for in best water softener reviews. With them, you can never go wrong.